What’s Been Going On?

Friends, It has been a while since our last blog. But if you have been following us on social networks, you know it is because we have been blessed with awesome opportunities in the past few months. So here is a little recap: At the beginning of October Mike took a trip to the Dominican Republic with an amazing organization … Read More

Mike RomeroWhat’s Been Going On?


Hello Friends! We are so excited to announce that we have a new album coming soon! We have been working on LIMITLESS for a few months now and are in the final stages of wrapping it up in the studio this week. We wanted to give you a small taste of what you can expect with the artwork and we … Read More


Happy One Year Anniversary of WE WILL SHINE

¬† We cannot believe that is has been a year, we are still amazed that WE WILL SHINE charted at number 11 on iTunes Christian, little did we know that that would be a foreshadow of what was to come. We are humbled that WE WILL SHINE has gone beyond our home church in Magnolia to reach people all over … Read More

Mike RomeroHappy One Year Anniversary of WE WILL SHINE

Day Ten

Yesterday was a long day and a late night, but it was well worth it. The day began with Jack Parker, Mike D, and Mike going through some arrangements of songs, figuring out what way to take the songs that we haven’t yet finished. It seems that with every album there is a song that is an elephant in the … Read More

Mike RomeroDay Ten

Day Nine

On Monday Mike and Mike D focused on vocals. We have talked a bit about how important recording vocals is to us. We want the content of the lyrics to be clear but also for the vocals to match the feel of the song. We hope that the vocal recording will draw people in to worship the one true holy … Read More

Mike RomeroDay Nine

Day Eight

Today we had our good Friend Seth Johnson come into the studio to give some extra guitar love to our title track. Seth has played with us many times and always brings something special and unique to the table, as well as much laughter. It is awesome to have such depth of musicians as friends that give up their time … Read More

Mike RomeroDay Eight

Day Seven

For our seventh day in the studio for the new album we decided to try something a little bit different, something none of us had ever done before, live tracking. The recording process is not typically done the way it is in movies/shows with the whole band in a big room recording at the same time. The way we did … Read More

Mike RomeroDay Seven

Day Six

Today we began tracking all the “candy” of the album as Jack Parker called it. Branden started the day off tracking banjo on a few songs under Jack P’s guidance. Branden then moved on to Mandolin for our song inspired by and partially sung by Gatlin Elms. Mandolin adds such depth and emotion to songs, probably because it is so … Read More

Mike RomeroDay Six

Day Five

Sometimes you start your day tracking electric guitar at the studio and end it in a cloud of dust… Jack O’Briant, Jack Parker and Mark tracked electric all day yesterday and got some really awesome riffs and some killer tones. We are really excited about the opening track of the album. Jack got most of the songs done but will … Read More

Mike RomeroDay Five

Day Four

We started yesterday listening to some mixes from the upcoming Gatlin Elms EP, and it was awesome. It is such an honor to have close friends that are creating such beautiful and inspiring music and that we got to hear it before its release date! Today Mike tracked acoustics, the real acoustics. How the studio process typically works is that … Read More

Mike RomeroDay Four