There Is Only One God

I’m sitting at this coffee shop in the most ethnically diverse part of the most ethnically diverse city in the nation. There are mothers leading small children along the sidewalk. An elderly couple trudges past me for their afternoon drink. I see businessmen—the ever-increasing work-from-home type—crunching numbers and making phone calls. I notice my own reflection in the dim and … Read More

Alex AndersonThere Is Only One God

Adoption: You Were Chosen By God

I’m a writer, and in typical writer’s fashion, sometimes I can’t exact get my thoughts together when I’m sitting at home. So, instead of just staring at my laptop, whining to myself and grinding my teeth as I try (and fail) to stitch together words that make sense, I usually just grab my stuff and head out into the world … Read More

Alex AndersonAdoption: You Were Chosen By God

Learning How To Pay Attention Again

You jerk awake to the unforgiving sounds of your phone alarm. The noise is jarring—almost painful—as you blink sleepily, trying to make sense of this unfamiliar interruption of (arguably) the best night’s sleep you’ve ever gotten. Maybe just a few more moments in bed will help, so you lay there briefly and try to summon the courage needed to start … Read More

Alex AndersonLearning How To Pay Attention Again

Slow Down, Speed Racer

There’s always been this expectation to go faster, to arrive at the next stage in life, to see the next thing, to be better than you were—to be constantly trying to get ahead. And MAN, it’s exhausting writing about it, but we’ve somehow picked up the courage to try and get these words out on paper so you can read … Read More

Alex AndersonSlow Down, Speed Racer

The Struggle Isn’t The Best Part Of The Story

*written by a young person, on behalf of young people. There’s nothing that the next generation (hey, that’s us!) wants more than authenticity. But it’s not just a box to check off the list. The ability to be authentic is more than just a behind-the-scenes shot on Instagram of Andy Mineo when he comes to perform during Summer Jam. There’s … Read More

Alex AndersonThe Struggle Isn’t The Best Part Of The Story

Lead Your Church: Eight Ways To Worship Better.

Leading a congregation in worshiping the Lord is no small feat, nor should it be. There’s a lot of responsibility in the hands of a man or woman who’s been tasked with taking The Lord’s people and bringing them to the altar in a way that’s genuine, gracious and impactful. We’ve been working to bring God’s people closer to His … Read More

Alex AndersonLead Your Church: Eight Ways To Worship Better.

Creativity Isn’t An Option For A Christian.

“Oh, I’m not creative.” Why do we hear this so much? Now, we’re not going to sit there and argue with you, but if we’re being honest—you’re wrong. You aren’t the only person in the world who sits late at night on your laptop, watching Hillsong’s latest world-shattering music video on YouTube, questioning your own creativity. Yes, they’re crazy talented. … Read More

Alex AndersonCreativity Isn’t An Option For A Christian.

Ryker Dietrich

Friends, It is with heavy hearts that we tell you that our dear friend and bass player, JMike Toler and his wife lost their unborn child Ryker Dietrich just weeks before his due date. On Tuesday, August 30th Nicole went in for a normal check up and the doctors had trouble finding signs of life. After a series of tests … Read More

Branden MontgomeryRyker Dietrich

You Chose The Thorns

We are back from our second week in the studio in Nashville and we couldn’t be more excited. Last week we told you a little bit about the process of recording and how we are forcing ourselves outside our comfort zones. We want to take this time to tell you more about the content of the album and why we feel … Read More

Branden MontgomeryYou Chose The Thorns

Behind The Scenes: Week One

Friends, We are writing to you after our first week of recording and we are exhausted. After a 6am flight on Friday morning we have been spending about 16 hours a day, everyday in the studio. This is by far the hardest project any of us have ever been a part of, but in the best way. When we began … Read More

Branden MontgomeryBehind The Scenes: Week One