ARE YOU A HIGH-SCHOOL OR COLLEGE STUDENT? WE NEED YOU. You may or may not know this, but we’re launching our third studio album soon (BAM). Do you know what that means? It means that when this thing goes live, we will explode on social media. Shares, parties, fireworks. But in order to make that happen, we need you to … Read More


Four Ways To Grow As A Worship Leader

Shout, sing, and dance When you’re on stage—and smiling, you’re teaching others that it’s okay for them to do the same. There’s nothing more powerful that seeing a worship pastor sing joyfully about the Lord. Showing your congregation or audience that you’re in love with a mighty God is important. One of our favorite motifs within scripture is the idea of … Read More

Alex AndersonFour Ways To Grow As A Worship Leader

It Will Be Okay

Last week, I had the chance to visit my friend Kyle Grant in San Diego. After a spinal cord injury, Kyle and his family decided to relocate to California for a few months to work with Project Walk, a research firm and paralysis recovery center that boasts aggressive rehab programs. The physical therapy that he’s pursuing there is instrumental to … Read More

Alex AndersonIt Will Be Okay

A New MRM Album: Win The Skies

Time to announce our latest. A NEW ALBUM, y’all. Or more precisely, the *album art* for our newest album. Still exciting, right? The music’s coming. We promise. This is it. This is the moment that we’ve been working up to for the last five years. Honestly—as a band—it’s not easy to be at this place. It’s hard to be okay … Read More

Alex AndersonA New MRM Album: Win The Skies

Someone Has Come Along

Recently, Logan premiered for audiences around the world. In Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as the incredibly-tired Wolverine, he works to help a young female mutant out the best he can. Jackman (who’s looking pretty bad, let’s be honest) is hiding out in a border town with his partner-in-crime and mischief, Charles Xavier (a.k.a. Professor X), who’s struggling with the elder … Read More

Alex AndersonSomeone Has Come Along

Learning How To Lead

It’s hard to be a leader. Especially a leader who’s attempting to biblically lead his/her congregation or organization. There’s so much that’s involved. You have to take a lot of things into consideration in order to be a good leader—whatever that means. What does it mean to be a “good leader,” anyways? Are you more patient? Are you more devoted … Read More

Alex AndersonLearning How To Lead

You Should Travel. Yes, You.

There’s something so romanticized about the idea of hastily packing a bag and taking off into the world to snag your latest Instagram pic from a far-off country with a name that you have trouble pronouncing. Maybe it’s the travel accounts that we follow, where we comment with (at least) four heart emojis and fantasize about the day that we’re … Read More

Alex AndersonYou Should Travel. Yes, You.

There Will Never, Ever Be Enough

You work at a church. There’s never enough time to get things done and it seems like everything you do is has to run through twenty different approval systems and it’s frustrating sometimes. You need a bigger budget. And while you’re worried about your next big project, you realize that you’ve missed the smaller things that you could’ve been working … Read More

Alex AndersonThere Will Never, Ever Be Enough

Imagine What You’d Do If You Weren’t So Scared

There’s a huge list of reasons why people don’t do things. No money, strained muscle in your back, can’t take time off from work, you’re too busy. They’re things I’ve heard people say—or I’ve said myself at times—usually following a phrase like “I’d totally LOVE to do that, but…” or “Man, I wish I could do ______, but …” One of … Read More

Alex AndersonImagine What You’d Do If You Weren’t So Scared

The Delusion of Secular Music

Hillsong United. Chris Tomlin. TobyMac. Maybe a little Kari Jobe, or some Crowder? For those of you who grew up in this ever-online Passion generation, you (most-likely) know these names almost better than you know Veggie Tales’ top-ten Bible characters. We cherish their music. Who doesn’t? Each of them have uniquely grasped a piece of the Lord’s character and brought … Read More

Alex AndersonThe Delusion of Secular Music