This documentary was produced because we wanted to give people a chance to hear our hearts and see why we believe the work we are doing is important and needed.

What does worship sound like?

“I think worship sometimes is sitting still and it sounds like silence. Allowing us to be in the presence of god and to listen and to wait. Worship sounds like the waves hitting the shores. It sounds like the wind through the trees. Worship is the sound of thousands of voices singing lines that are so powerful and so much bigger than us. Worship isn’t being on the stage listening to my voice or my guys sing. Worship a lot of times is backing away from the microphone and hearing sons and daughters of the King of Kings worshiping together and hearing their voices and hearing the voice of the body. There’s nothing more powerful than that.” -Mike

I would rather just be friends with them because that makes the worship experience so much sweeter. It’s just kinda like friends gathering for worship instead of a band on stage just performing.

-Austin (speaking about students)

How does your personal relationship with God influence the way that you lead worship?

“There is no way to do what we do if you don’t have a relationship with God. You really can’t point people to Christ with authenticity if you’re not actively pursuing a relationship with Christ. Having a personal relationship with God is something that to me that is not an option, otherwise then what am I doing? …

“Out of that relationship comes more of a longing to spend time with people. Because really what we want to do is point people to Jesus. We want him to look beautiful. Jack told us, Jack one of our members, told us a story this summer and I’ve never forgotten it. I think he heard it from our pastor Casey, but it was something like; you don’t go to Niagara Falls and walk away saying, “oh that tour guide was nice, or that tour guide was awesome and majestic”, you might say he was a cool guy and he was good at what he did, but the tour guide’s job is to share what’s appropriate and then let you stand in the awe and the majesty and the beauty of the falls, the creation.

“That story really shook me up and resonated with me, and I think that is what we aim for. We aren’t trying to make ourselves look good or make ourselves look beautiful or sound beautiful. We work to make God look great… to point everything to Jesus and let the people stand in His awe, majesty, and beauty. You were talking about relationship earlier, I think people are more drawn to Christ if they believe that you believe what you are saying. If you can look them in the eye and show them that you really care about them. You can’t care about people or even begin to understand what it means to care about people fully, without a relationship with Christ.” -Mike