A New MRM Album: Win The Skies

Time to announce our latest. A NEW ALBUM, y’all.

Or more precisely, the *album art* for our newest album. Still exciting, right? The music’s coming. We promise.

This is it. This is the moment that we’ve been working up to for the last five years. Honestly—as a band—it’s not easy to be at this place. It’s hard to be okay with letting such an important project leave our hands. With so much invested in this album, how can we just let it slip through our fingers to reach the lost in this world? Money, time, sleepless nights and joyful mornings, coffee and bacon consistently driving our early start with each other as we pursued *only* excellence throughout the life cycle of this album.

This album isn’t just a part of us. This album is our heart. It’s the culmination of our brokenness, moving out of darkness to confront something better than we’ve known. It’s a compilation of our laughter as we’ve lived life together. It’s the intricacy of our friendships with each other as we’ve fought (and fight, still) to make each other a big deal—to honor what that means to each other. It’s a celebration of the creativity that we wrestle with, trying to wrangle it into something that represents the Lord well and makes His name bigger than anything we’ve ever envisioned.

This is our mission and our hope.

There’s a beauty to this album.

It’s not what we thought it would be. It’s shifted, morphed, changed into something new, something better. These songs are both empowering and silencing—invigorating and convicting. They push you to your knees and nudge you to raise your hands just a little higher than they were.

This is our chance to say something.

It’s more than just a list of songs—more than just our chance to make music that we love. It’s a time for us, as a band and ministry, to show off who the Lord is in the *everyday.* The Lord is still Almighty outside of the narrow expanse of the church’s pews. Our God can still change minds and move mountains without the endorsement of local evangelists. And that’s the beauty of this album. #WinTheSkies takes the everyday and makes it extraordinary—it takes our common days and imbues them with a new outlook. The Lord makes it new.

These are songs for a global audience. This album was meant for the people who are searching for something. Hopefully they’re listening.

“Our goal here is to make much of EVERY second of EVERY song. That every word, melody, note and instrument would move, encourage and speak into the lives and hearts of the listener. That we’d all be encouraged to Not Give Up. This is our mission and our hope: That ultimately, the majesty and beauty of Jesus would overwhelm us all.”  —Mike Romero


Excited? Us too.

Tell someone ’bout it. 

“Omg Mike + crew, when’s the music *actually* coming?” APRIL 30th YES!

Want to see our promo video for #WinTheSkies? Well, here ya go. We’re generous folk.