On Worship. On Stillness. On Reverence.

Worship is crucial for our walks as Christ-followers—in this world of noise and words and chaos that follows us everyday as we try to find the time to make Jesus a big deal. What a mission that lays before us! Read More...

Branden Montgomery

Good Friday Was The Worst Friday

Branden Montgomery

Why Do We Feel So Restless?

Sometimes it feels like we’re just blazing through life—in a hurry (just because), with no other reason than to get to the next thing as fast as we can. There’s not a real reason for us to do things faster than we always have, it just feels better. Like we’re actually accomplishing something, right?... Read More...

Branden Montgomery

How To Live An On-Purpose Sunday

For some reason, waking up on Sunday is either the hardest thing in the world, or the easiest. Some people just fly out of their Batman sheets, and still have time to snag a quick shower before herding the family into the car for Sunday school.... Read More...

Branden Montgomery

It's Gonna Hurt—But I'm Ready Lord.

Why do good people have to endure pain, and ridicule, and cancer, and tragedy? Why are so many tears shed by Christians who profess Jesus as Savior? It’s hard to answer these questions when you aren’t the one who's seen their loved ones taken.... Read More...

Branden Montgomery


You may or may not know this, but we’re launching our third studio album soon (BAM). Do you know what that means? It means that when this thing goes live, we will explode on social media. Shares, parties, fireworks. But in order to make that happen, we need you to have our backs.... Read More...

Mike Romero

The Details That Matter

We’re creatives. Whether it’s songwriting, album art conception and the creative energy and effective tactics that are needed to get a project off the ground, there’s no disputing that we are creatives. It’s what we do.... Read More...

Alex Anderson

Four Ways To Grow As A Worship Leader

Branden Montgomery

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